About me

Creation of this blog was related with sizable changes in my life – studies, thereafter first job and new connections. I wanted it to be a way to escape everyday life and express myself and my individual ideas of the reality. And I did it completely – currently blog is developing full swing ,while you can get to know an author from different sides.
What can you read on the blog?
Articles concern many areas – science, business, broadly defined lifestyle subject, fashion, sport and many others. In a summary – they contain all of that, what entertains, interests me and gives me joy. Thanks to this you can be sure, that all you will see on my blog is a result of passion and knowledge.
What is more, my blog is the way of communication with blog guests – I always answer to all points of commentators and participate in discussions, which take a place under published posts. In this way I want to build a group of people, which is at the moment extraordinarily big. I invite you to read!
I hope, that you’ll spend on my blog enjoyable time!

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